Welcome to Maingate

We believe in providing students a complete educational experience, one which spans a wide range of curricula, challenges students to be more complete versions of themselves, and supports the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of each student. Our school promotes French Language from Junior Kindergarten, leveled Arabic, and integrates technological learning tools into every facet of programming. Our schools supports learning for students with a diverse range of needs; we have resources teachers and behavioural therapists on staff.

Message from the Principal

At Maingate Islamic Academy we are a vibrant Muslim community filled with the desire to guide our youth to learn, love, and live Islam and become transformational leaders of the future. Our ultimate goal is to build an environmentally sustainable school system that inspires both teaching and learning by building leadership within a culture of openness and adaptability and at the same time forming strong and effective relationships and partnerships with the parents and community members.

Why Choose Maingate
  1. Our programs are customized to meet the needs of each student based on their unique needs and interests. This is ensured through teacher documentation, differentiated instruction strategies for each student, and assistive technology
  2. Our classrooms are all student-centered and focus on opportunities for student reflection, creative thinking and innovation, self-assessment, choice, and ongoing learning and growth
  3. Our staff and teachers are dedicated to developing strong and effective relationships through ongoing parent and community engagement

Maingate Islamic Academy endeavours to admit students of extraordinary academic, creative, and intuitive talent who show an aptitude for learning and leadership. We invite prospective students and parents to experience the Maingate educational atmosphere. It is our pleasure to show you our campus and introduce you to our methods. If you have any questions related to tuition, transportation, uniforms, international student admissions, or anything else, please contact us at info@maingateislamicacademy.com

Careers at Maingate Islamic Academy School

Our Curriculum

Success Stories

Tahira Tabassam JK Ibrahim Hussain JK Shaima Hassane SK
Shumaila Khimani JK Assisstant Ghanwa Awan JK Assisstant Raghad Saleh SK Assisstant
“Every child is curious, competent, and “Harness enthusiasm and natural “Positive experiences in early stages
capable of complec thinking and they curiosity to help develop cognitive skills” set the foundation for lifelong learning,
should feel that they belong and health, well-being and self regulation”
deserve the opportunity to succeed”
Azza Elzoghby Grade 1 Rasha Rahim Grade 1-2 Mehnaz Shahid Grade 2
Ghaid Jamel Assisstant
“Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember “Every child is gifted, they just unwrap “Love Islam and reflect our religion in
Involve me and I learn” their package at different times” a balanced, creative, impressive and
in a positive way”
Aysha Patel Grade 3 Zoubia Nasir Grade 4
Hanife Signor Grade 3
“An Islamic learning enviornment using “Confidence”
the prophetic pedagogy, that nurtures
adab and akhlaq allowing students
to improve their decision making skills”
Sadaf Khan Grade 5 Safra Nazir Grade 6 Juweiriya Hassan Grade 7
“Learn, live and love Islam” “Value each and every student” “Motivate students to take charge
of their learning and set their own
goals, and encourage them to actively
participate in the learning process”
Bilal Haj-Bakri Grade 8 Sama Androon JK-3 Arabic Sara Osman Grade 4-8 Arabic
“Focus on motivating and cementing “Teach Islam in a positive, non-traditional “Teaching Islam in an easy, relative,
positive learning habits” and stress-free enviornment by connecting and interesting way”
children with Quran”
Granit Binaku Advanced Arabic Ibrahim Owadally French
Yasmine Owadally French
“Present Islam in a balanced, exciting,
engaging and creative way” “Learning a second language is an
advantage for any student and a key factor
in academic success”

What’s New This Year

Winter break Camp, March break Camp, & Summer Camp programs

Weekend Quran School (Sundays) – Arabic (reading & writing), Quran memorization & tajweed/hifz

Hot Lunches Program – starting in October

Grades 3-8 – Google Classrooms

Children’s fitness services through Rakan Hero Academy

Taekwondo, Lego Robotics, Hatch Program

zones of Regulation: self-regulation & emotional control

Psychologist (vince Murphy): Neurodevelopmental & Educational Center, practising for over 25 years in child psychology → specializes in cognitive, vocational, and emotional assessments of children and adolescents

PD babysitting Services – for all PD days the school will be open

Abstract Islamic Art, Calligraphy, & Creative writing workshops → geared towards Islamophobia

AIM (Accelerative Integrated Methodology) Learning – learning achieved through scaffolding techniques which use storytelling, gestures, active collaboration and repetition, as well as the use of high-frequency vocabulary → to achieve written and oral proficiency

V.I.P. (values, Influences, Peers) Program – combines resources of the local boards of education and Peel Police Services and teaches students the importance of personal values and the importance of making good decisions, peer pressure, respect for others (Grades 6-8) – will be lead by our constable in Peel Region

Eyes Open Social Media Safety Program – taught through a certified online safety program provider (in-class workshops & presentations, parent information sessions)

MediaSmarts Services – offer workshops and resources to kids on teaching them about media literacy → digital literacy skills & using digital media in an ethical manner


Additional Information

For parents and students

Summer Program 2018

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Winter Camp

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March Break Camp

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March Break Camp

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